Based in Grove City, Pa and Ft. Pierce, Fl

We Protect the Great Indoors with Permanent, Chemical Free Treatment for Bacteria and Mold

With an Available 3 Year Warranty


Mold, mildew, and microbes are the dreaded “M-words” that contaminate indoor environments of all types. They strike fear in the hearts of residential and commercial property owners. We strive to protect and eliminate these fears with safe and permanent treatment you can rely on.




Our mPact Solution is changing the way the world tackles microbial treatment and prevention. Every application is tailored to the specific requirements of the home or business at hand, guaranteeing that your property receives the exact treatment it needs.



Using environmentally friendly and chemical free treatments, you won't have to worry about the safety of your friends, employees, pets, or loved ones.  Our products are administered by trained professionals with the experience and knowledge  you deserve.


For nearly 30 years, we have served clients across the country. Working with REALTORS, homeowners, medical facilities, government agencies, corporations, sports teams, colleges, etc.. Environmental Solutions provides a scalable service no matter the size of the job.


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